This support tool has been created as an aid in decision making because your doctor has diagnosed you with arthrosis in the knee. This support tool in shared decisions can help you to collaborate with your doctor to choose the type of treatment for knee arthrosis. It includes information referring to non-pharmacological treatments, pharmacological treatments and surgical treatments.

We appreciate the support they have had the following professionals: M. Núñez S. Sastre, L. Lozano, E. Nuñez, J.M. Sure, linked to the Hospital Clinic in Barcelona and the Catalan Institute of Health (SAP Support Diagnosis and Treatment) research group RESPAL, J. Escarrabill (Hospital Clinic). Finally thank E. Titos their contribution in designing the illustrations. Furthermore, the final content of the webpage falls under the responsibility of the AQuAS.


Publishing date: April 2017
Review date: April 2022